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Content Management Systems

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For some customers, maintaining their content is not a priority or they simply don’t want to learn. No problems, at Flashburn Design we maintain web content for many customers by simply publishing articles, images, products or services for them, but for those who wish to do it themselves it becomes a whole lot easier with the use of a Content Management System (CMS). The customer becomes empowered with the skills they need to maintain their own site.

Top 10 Free SEO Tools

web searchThe Top 10 Free SEO Tools for Small Business are focused primarily on assessing your current site and providing tools for continuing to monitor your SEO progress. No single tool can help small businesses in developing or executing an SEO strategy and you are unlikely to find any single piece of software to do it for you. SEO is something which is unique to each website, depending on your industry, competitors, keywords, content, location and objectives. To develop and execute your SEO plan we would strongly recommend employing the services of an SEO professional such as Flashburn to assist.

What is SEO?

magnetIt’s a confusing topic “Search Engine Optimisation”. For starters it there’s the typical IT approach of taking a name which is relatively short and descriptive and turning it into a confusing acronym <yawn>, then we overcomplicate the whole process with lots of other big words and conflicting information so that small business owners have little choice but to seek out the services of an SEO ‘professional’ who is happy to take their money without any tangible means of measuring results.

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